Why Jimmy Korderas Says Recent WWE Raw Result Risks Derailing LA Knight's Storyline

This week, the storyline between The Miz and LA Knight continued on "WWE Raw," but Jimmy Korderas admitted that sometimes small things can make you uninterested, which the latest twist in their tale risked doing. After distracting Knight on "WWE SmackDown" to cost him a potential United States Championship match, Knight was out to exact revenge on "Raw." He was successful in achieving that aim, which led to Akira Tozawa defeating Miz in a shocking result.

"After Miz's handpicked opponent, Akira Tozawa, beats him regardless of the circumstances, whether he was distracted or whatever the case may be, why do I care now if LA Knight beats a guy who has already been beaten by a guy who hasn't been on TV for a long time," Korderas questioned during his latest "Reffin Rant." "It kind of took me out of it a little bit, we will see what happens."

Despite the result between Tozawa and Miz, Korderas has enjoyed aspects of the unfolding storyline. While it isn't confirmed, a match between them is expected to take place at Payback next weekend, leaving a few more episodes of television for them to continue their angle. "Miz is doing a wonderful job on the mic and in the ring, and trying to get this rivalry, feud over with LA Knight, who is also fantastic on the mic as well," Korderas said. "He is over big time."

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