WWE Alum Rob Van Dam Assesses HBK Shawn Michaels' Legacy In Pro Wrestling

Among wrestlers young and old, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels is widely considered one of the best performers of all time. Speaking on his podcast, "1 Of A Kind," Michaels' fellow Hall of Famer Rob Van Dam gave his assessment of "The Heartbreak Kid" as an all-time great.


"I think that [Shawn Michaels] will go down as one of the best ... wrestlers in the industry, and he was instrumental in breaking ground from ... giants to closer to the 200-pound mark guys," Van Dam said. "And with that came more demand. Instead of being 400 pounds, you know, if you're 220 — 'Work your a** off for me.' And that's what he would do, and that's what we all do, and that allowed the fans to adapt to all that and appreciate the difference."

Another performer Van Dam had positive words for is Brock Lesnar. "The Beast Incarnate" has built himself a career unlike anyone else in professional wrestling, and when asked about Lesnar ending The Undertaker's WWE WrestleMania winning streak, Van Dam shared his thoughts on the former world champion.


"Brock Lesnar is, in my opinion, one of the most outstanding individuals to be in the industry," Van Dam continued. "The fact that he could be the UFC champion at the same time, and legitimately brag about being the toughest guy in the world because he sat in that seat — that was so good for the business. And he's so good for the business, you know? He's what a pro wrestler should be. He's a great amateur wrestler that went pro because he's so damn good."

Lesnar and Van Dam shared the ring a number of times in 2002, not long after Lesnar's debut. They competed in two pay-per-view matches that summer, with Lesnar winning the first and losing the second due to a disqualification.

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