Questions About Tony Khan And AEW That Adam Cole And MJF Refused To Answer

Over the past few months, MJF and Adam Cole have been very candid about the origins of their on-screen friendship, with the AEW World Champion revealing that Cole was one of his dream opponents when he graduated from the Create A Pro academy several years ago. That said, MJF and Cole have proven to be not as forthcoming while answering questions about their current boss, AEW President Tony Khan. 


During their recent appearance on "Hot Ones," the duo dodged several questions pertaining to Khan. First, Cole was asked to name "the worst idea or storyline pitched" by Khan over the course of his AEW career. In response, Cole said, "I'm going to dive in" as he devoured a piece of chicken wing. MJF, meanwhile, was more sarcastic in his response to the same question, "I've loved everything Tony Khan has pitched to me, by the way. Great guy." 

Later, Cole was asked to name the biggest payday of his career and the compensation he expects to receive at All In, where he will main event AEW's biggest show in history. Again, Cole ignored the question and ate his wing, prompting MJF to burst into laughter. "Great question, though," Cole added. 


One specific question got both men in a state of introspection — "Who is the biggest locker room a–hole in AEW today?" MJF chose to eat a wing before delving into his answer. "That's a tough one. There are people that I viscerally hate, and to point out just one would be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually impossible. I hate everyone except him," MJF added while pointing at Cole, who agreed that it would be "a cop-out" if MJF named the entire locker room. 

MJF and Cole will challenge Aussie Open for the ROH World Tag Team Championship on the All In pre-show this Sunday. Later that night, Cole will challenge MJF for his AEW World Championship in the main event.