Becky Lynch Explains Animosity With WWE Hall Of Famer Trish Stratus

Over the last five months, Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus have gone from WWE WrestleMania 39 tag team partners to bitter rivals. The two are set to compete in a steel cage at WWE Payback on September 2, and during a recent appearance by Lynch on "The Bump," the former world champion discussed her ongoing issues with Stratus.

"The brutal part of it was that Trish Stratus, in many ways, was a bit of a mentor to me," Lynch said. "Especially when I first had Roux, and [Trish] helped me a lot with different things — becoming a mom, becoming a mom in this business." Lynch stated that her daughter loved Stratus, and she used to play with Roux on Lynch's tour bus. However, that didn't stop the WWE legend from going on the offense against Lynch earlier this year.

With the two set to face off in the coming days, it's clear that the feud has become personal for Lynch. The WWE star stated that Stratus only attacked her out of jealousy, but the WWE Hall of Famer took things too far when she began talking about Lynch's family. The fact that Stratus once had such a close connection to her daughter adds another layer of resentment to the rivalry.

"That's the most hurtful part, because the other stuff — whatever she says about me, it doesn't bother me," Lynch continued. "She can say that she's the 'GOAT.' Obviously, that's not true. She can call me whatever she wants. It doesn't affect me. But when you go out there and you talk about my daughter, you talk about my family, then you're talking about the only thing that really matters to me in this world."