WWE's Road Dogg Explains Why He's 'Always' Been A Becky Lynch Fan

Throughout all the highs and lows of her WWE career, Becky Lynch has always had a least one person rooting her on. During a recent episode of the "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, "Road Dogg" Brian James – WWE Senior Vice President of Live Events — explained why he's been a long-standing fan of Lynch, both in the ring and behind the scenes.

"[She's a] superstar human being," James said. "I give people their credit. People could think what they think about different people and all, and you heard me say, like I always say, 'She is a great person.' Becky's always been nothing but a class act and a professional, and that's the truth. Behind the scenes, have we ever disagreed with each other? Heck yeah. Have we ever maybe raised our voices between me and her and Charlotte [Flair]? We talk stuff out and we work stuff out," he added, "and it was for the good of the television show. So, she's a super superstar human, always a super professional."

In a closer examination of Lynch's on-screen work, James applauded Lynch, and her husband Seth Rollins, for reinventing themselves — in turn, elevating their careers. When Lynch started laying the groundwork for "The Man" character in 2018, James felt compelled to put the "SmackDown" Women's Championship on her, and eventually, the company did.

"We all felt what she was doing. We all wrote and created in that same similar direction and [created] with her closely too, collaboration. She knocked it out of the park every time she went out there. And so yeah, I've always been a big supporter," James said.

James also noted that Lynch was one of the few people who called to check in on him after his release from WWE in January 2022. He was later rehired in August.

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