AEW's Bryan Danielson Explains Why He Doesn't Have Favorite Matches

Bryan Danielson is in Seth Rollins' in-ring Mount Rushmore, and was dubbed "the greatest professional wrestler to ever live" by Jon Moxley last year. That level of adulation has put "The American Dragon" in a rare air among his contemporaries, with many citing his in-ring work as a deciding factor in his GOAT case. While others have marveled at Danielson's countless pro-wrestling clinics, the man himself does not have a favorite match. 


"I don't have favorite matches. Anybody who knows me knows that," Danielson told "The Nikki & Brie Show." "I judge things by my experience when I'm out there, like, 'Do I enjoy myself?' — and I enjoy myself a lot, in a lot of my matches with AEW. I've had fun with a lot of them [opponents] — even the harder ones ... in my last match, I broke my arm. I wrestled [Kazuchika] Okada. He did an elbow drop to me off the top rope, and it ended up breaking my arm, [and] then I wrestled another ten minutes with a broken arm, which the doctors said made it worse [laughs]."

"That said, I find a certain joy in doing things that are hard and finishing it," Danielson added while expressing his displeasure over missing All In due to injury. Despite sitting out AEW's biggest show ever, Danielson reiterated that finishing the match injured against Okada gave the match "more meaning" and gave him a sense of fulfillment, comparing it to the feeling he experiences while fasting. "There are a lot of health benefits to fasting, but when you put yourself in an uncomfortable position, and you keep doing it, it's like, 'Can I do this and keep a good attitude — while being in pain, while being in starving' ... those are things I think to myself when these things are happening."