Seth Rollins Names AEW Star As Part Of His Pro Wrestling Mt. Rushmore

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins was a recent guest on The Pat McAfee Show where he spoke about people drawing in the wrestling business. The former WWE Champion revealed which four wrestlers he believes made the biggest impact in terms of bringing in money for the industry. Rollins picked out four of the biggest names of all time, one of which he has shared the ring with.


"In our business, which is the entertainment business, money-drawing is the biggest thing. So if we're talking there, you gotta start with Hogan," Seth Rollins revealed. "You gotta put Cena there, Rock and Austin. Top four."

Seth Rollins also focused on a Mount Rushmore of wrestlers from an in-ring perspective. He picked wrestlers purely based on what they are capable of doing inside of the ring, while the former Shield star also took the time to joke about Steve Mongo McMichael.

"Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero, Bret 'the Hitman' Hart. This is a controversial one. Did you say Mongo? Did somebody drop a Mongo? I will not discriminate against Steve Mongo McMichael. A legend. An absolute legend, an absolute legend," Seth Rollins added. "Not gonna make this Mount Rushmore. If you want to make a Mount Rushmore of former NFL stars that crossed over to professional wrestling, Mongo number one. Mongo number one, alright."


When it comes to his fourth choice, Seth Rollins opted to choose someone who is still an active wrestler. He also decided to select a wrestler who is working for AEW.

"Number four, controversial pick because he's still active, Bryan Danielson. I actually think in-ring he's one of the greatest of all time," he added. "And I think when it's all said and done, he'll be up there with the guys."

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