Tommy Dreamer Details Evolution Of Bray Wyatt's Character, Why It Connected With Fans

The shocking death of Windham Rotunda, WWE's Bray Wyatt, continues to ripple across the pro wrestling landscape as colleagues, contemporaries, and fans share their memories and grieve collectively. On "Busted Open Radio," Tommy Dreamer pointed out some of the things that made Wyatt special, and took the time to remind us that memories and stories are what help keep those we love and appreciate alive.


"I'll always remember his connection with his fans and how they loved him," Dreamer said. "He was different and I always say different is great. He looked different, he acted different, his work was different — from the characters that he had to his funhouse; the 'Follow the Buzzards' when he was with The Wyatts. It was just different. It was unique."

Though the Wyatt character evolved through several different versions in recent years, Dreamer looks back at the original "Cape Fear"-inspired cult leader persona, first and foremost, likening him to another legendary wrestling icon. "I feel like you'll remember the rocking chair and his promos when he first came on," he explained. "He was always [mentioned] in the same breath as an Undertaker — like this different type of mythical type of person." In remembering Rotunda since his death on Thursday, many have credited his creative vision and unrivaled outside-the-box thinking, which Dreamer echoed, noting that most of it indeed came from his brain.


Wyatt's Characters Provided an Escape

As the wrestling world tries to cope with Rotunda's passing, it might be the very essence of the Wyatt character that reminds us of what the pastime is supposed to be about. Be it his original persona, "The Eater of Worlds," the host of the Firefly Fun House or The Fiend, every evolution was a step into a different dimension so to speak, requiring a suspension of disbelief that seems to have gotten harder over time for the average wrestling fan. But for Wyatt, it worked.


"His character was supposed to be an escape from the real world," noted Dreamer. "We're supposed to watch television or go to wrestling shows for a night out, to make us happy, to celebrate things that we love." Having sadly experienced great loss many times over in his career, Dreamer understands what people are feeling. He talked about keeping messages that he still listens to from his mom, Dusty Rhodes, and the recently-departed Terry Funk on an old Android phone as ways he remembers those he's lost.

"You want to hang onto a piece of [them]," Dreamer offered and wrestling fans are lucky to be able to do so these days with so much content available on demand. "We hang onto those pieces with YouTube and Peacock and memories and stories and that's how you keep these people alive." With tonight's episode of "WWE Smackdown" now shaping up to be a show centered around tributes to Wyatt, fans can take that time to pay respects and appreciation to his legendary career. And for those who had the pleasure of meeting him in person, Dreamer says that shouldn't ever be forgotten. "If you did get to meet him, you got to be around greatness."


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