Anthony Ogogo Returns To AEW To Help Defend UK's Honor During All In Preshow

AEW is in London, England for All In, and the UK wrestling fans are buzzing with anticipation for the big show.

During the All In Zero Hour preshow, Jeff Jarrett came down to the ring with his wife Karen, and his henchmen Satnam Singh and Jay Lethal, delivering a vicious roast of the UK wrestling scene, saying that it was American wrestlers, American promoters, and American fans that paved the way for the landmark show in Wembley Stadium. As Jarrett was dressing down the fans, and talking trash about British wrestling heroes like Big Daddy, the former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion was interrupted by Paul Wight, British independent star Grado, and the returning Anthony Ogogo to defend the honor of the UK and the fans in Wembley.


Wight dropped Singh with a big punch, while Grado delivered a series of strikes to Jarrett, and Ogogo taking out Jay Lethal. Wight then chokeslammed Lethal, running off the trio. Grado and Jarrett had a heated exchange earlier this year during All In press, which saw Jarrett smash Grado with a guitar.

Ogogo hasn't wrestled in AEW since August of last year when he appeared on "AEW Dark," but the Olympian is reportedly with the company until likely 2025, having signed an extension sometime within the past couple of years.