Why Dave Meltzer Says It Would Be Hard For WWE To Beat AEW All In Numbers At Wembley

AEW All In at Wembley Stadium only took place yesterday, but it's safe to say it was a pretty big event, with an attendance of over 81,035 fans and a gate of over $10 million. The show was so successful that AEW quickly announced a follow-up All In at Wembley Stadium for next year, and according to at least one wrestling pundit, AEW's main competitor is already thinking about how to top it.


On the latest episode of "Wrestling Observer Radio," Dave Meltzer discussed just how WWE may look to respond to AEW's success with All In, in an attempt to top the show in both profits and attendance. As such, he also pointed out a potential pitfall in WWE's attempts to do so.

"One of the things is that WWE may run this [Wembley] stadium," Meltzer said. "But WWE running the stadium, unless they have a much smaller stage than a normal WrestleMania...They may do really big both days, [but] they'll probably have a hard time putting more people in the building, even though they'll announce a bigger number.

"There are places WWE could go for a WrestleMania to beat this number, I think. Estadio Azteca in Mexico City [is one of them], but they'll never go there because you can't charge the prices and everything like that. And there's probably some [other places], but to get 85,000 with a WrestleMania set in a building is pretty difficult."


Oddly enough, Estadio Azteca, the Mexico City soccer arena that can fit over 87,000 fans, seems to be a popular wrestling destination at the moment, with both AEW World Champion MJF and AEW owner Tony Khan expressing interest in running an AEW event there at All In's post-show media scrum.

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