WWE's Cody Rhodes Addresses Brock Lesnar's Reputation Among Fans, Wrestling Industry

Cody Rhodes recently feuded with Brock Lesnar over the course of several months, and ultimately defeated Lesnar to win the feud at SummerSlam, WWE's Cody Rhodes is someone who has a unique perspective on the former UFC star, which he feels is different than the one most wrestling fans and pundits have toward Lesnar, as he revealed during an appearance on "After The Bell."


"Every one of us has a perception and a reputation in the space that we're in, in the sports entertainment/wrestling space," Rhodes said. "There are people who think they know us personally, and describe events as if they were there. I'm not complaining about it, it's the nature of fame. There's a deep connection. I believe he [Lesnar] has a reputation that is incorrect, in terms of the type of person he is, as far as, 'Does he even like wrestling? Does he care about wrestling? How professional? Does he train?' All of this.

"You don't get to be where he's at unless you are very, very passionate about this. And I like the idea that...I've never spoken to him, we aren't friends. But I like the idea that he's fine with this reputation." 


According to Rhodes, Lesnar is fine with people thinking whatever they want to about him as he does all of his talking in the ring. Furthermore, "The American Nightmare" believes that Lesnar is adult enough to just get on with the job.

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