Butterbean Discusses His WWE Fight With Bart Gunn Post-Brawl For All

There's plenty of things fans remember about the controversial WWE Brawl for All tournament from the late '90s, including the "Dark Side of the Ring" episode covering it, but perhaps the most notable moment was how it concluded at WrestleMania 15, with Brawl for All winner Bart Gunn being knocked out by Butterbean. In an appearance on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Butterbean discussed that fight and made a bold claim that those in WWE have often denied.


"Bart, to my understanding, was supposed to lose to Dr. Death," Butterbean said. "And he didn't, he knocked him out. So I was brought in as punishment. That's the story I got behind the scenes." Butterbean also discussed his mindset going into the fight, and what he was told by Vince McMahon before heading to the ring. "Vince just said 'Bean, give it all you've got,'" Butterbean said. "I was like 'Okay, I'll do what I can do.' I mean, that was easy, it was pretty easy. If he would've come out like brawling ... I went back to my tough man days ... I went back to just giving everything I've got, just go wide open. When you're boxing, you have three minutes, you've got to pace yourself a little bit. People don't realize how long three minutes is. One minute goes too quick. And he tried to box. Bad mistake."


As for the knockout, which Butterbean says was one of the best of his career, in hindsight, he feels the fight should've been stopped sooner. "The knockdown prior to the last one, he probably shouldn't have let him, cause his eyes were going everywhere," Butterbean said. "He was standing, and he was out. It was a bad knockout. I was told he didn't know which way he was walking for about two weeks."

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