Booker T Sees A Problem With The Younger Generation In AEW

Issues between CM Punk and Jack Perry have dominated the news since All In, with the situation originating due to Punk and others advising Perry not to use real glass for a segment earlier this summer. While Punk has come under some scrutiny, Booker T doesn't believe it is much a problem with him as it is the younger generation as a whole in wrestling.


"It's a lot of, not all, a lot of the young generation ain't trying to hear that," Booker said on "Hall Of Fame." "It's about them and the way they do it and the way they want to do it, and I get it, it's their generation. Those types, I let them be." Booker recalled a situation he had several years ago regarding The Young Bucks not shaking his hand, which is a similar incident that Rob Van Dam dealt with. It is often seen as a cardinal sin in wrestling from a respect point of view, which is why it ruffled feathers at the time just as Perry and Punk's situation is today.

"Maybe they were intimidated in the situation, but I told the story the way it happened, but no malice or anything like that," Booker reflected. "But then taken out of context to where all of the young generation may look at Booker T a certain way." While taking advice from older wrestlers isn't something that has to be done, it is widely expected across the industry. However, several veterans have now come out and said that younger talent in the company are not taking advantage of the veterans, which arguably backs up Booker's concerns.


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