Konnan Says WWE Star Has No Charisma

IYO SKY might currently be enjoying the biggest push of her WWE career as the WWE Women's Champion, but that doesn't mean that the Damage CTRL star has been able to win over everybody. One person she hasn't impressed is Konnan, particularly when it comes to non-wrestling aspects of her overall game.


"She has no charisma, and I am into her storyline now, well I was into it because she just cashed in that Money In The Bank thing," Konnan said on "Keepin' It 100." "But they are separating her and Bayley and it's kind of funny how her and Bayley were going back and forth and doing one-upmanship, but yeah, she's not an interesting character whatsoever."

Konnan might have to wait a little longer for the potential split between Bayley and SKY though as even though there was tension between them when SKY held the Money In The Bank briefcase, that has calmed down as of late. They are now on the same page with Dakota Kai now also being back alongside them.

Konnan's thoughts on SKY's work were echoed by his co-host Disco Inferno. While he pointed out that WWE hasn't booked her to do anything yet, the current WWE Women's Champion still has some work to do to win him over.


"She hasn't been interesting to me on viewing that show, period," Inferno said. "She's not interesting yet."

While Inferno and Konnan may not have been won over by SKY's charisma, that isn't the case for everyone. She has proven to be a hit with fans, while Road Dogg has praised SKY, particularly her entrances.

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