Details On WWE Star Bayley's Ring Gear Auction To Benefit Hawaiian Animal Rescue

After AEW donated proceeds from its "Fight For The Fallen" series of shows to the Maui Food Bank a few weeks ago to the Maui Food Bank, WWE star Bayley is doing her part to help out the wildfire-ravaged Hawaiian community as well. Yesterday, the former WWE Women's Champion posted that she'd be auctioning off some of her old ring gear with the proceeds going to a cause in the area, and now we have more specific details. 


Via social media, Bayley announced that the money raised by her auctions would go to the Hawaiian Animal Rescue Fund (HARF). Bayley further shared that the gear would either be signed by her, or would come with a signed Topps card — with the winning bid having the option to choose. The auctions can be found on eBay later this week. In the meantime, she encouraged followers to visit HARF's website and contribute however else they can, if possible.

As detailed by Bayley, HARF has been rescuing animals lost following the wildfires. Additionally, the organization has been taking in animals whose owners have lost their homes and cannot provide shelter for them at this time. HARF will subsequently help find new homes for animals, or hold the animals until their families are settled in new locations, while also providing medical care to the animals. 


So far, the Maui wildfires have led to significant loss of life and even more people missing, as well as an estimated loss of over 2,200 buildings in the Maui town of Lahaina. All told, it is expected that the wildfires have caused over $6 billion in damages.