Jeff Jarrett Dismisses Jim Cornette's AEW Texas Chainsaw Massacre Match Analysis

While AEW All In: Zero Hour at Wembley Stadium could've gone better for Jeff Jarrett and his gang of merry men, things have largely been looking up for "The Last Outlaw" as of late. It was just two weeks ago that he defeated Jeff Hardy to win the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Death Match Title in the first-ever Texas Chainsaw Massacre Death Match – a bout that drew a wildly polarizing response in the process.


Among those not thrilled was Jim Cornette, the former wrestling manager who has his own history with Jarrett. But Jarrett isn't bothered by Cornette's opinion, as shared on the latest episode of "My World" – and also isn't remotely convinced that Cornette's opinion is genuine.

"There's not even 1% chance that Cornette actually believes what came out of his mouth," Jarrett said. "He's got a business and he's dialed into his audience. He's making money hand over foot, his YouTube viewers are excellent, his downloads are excellent ... I guess I served it up to him on a silver platter ... I'm glad that he said it, because he introduced the Texas Chainsaw Massacre to his entire audience, and he talked about it and scathed about it, and everything that goes with it. So hats off to him."


While the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Death Match may not have pleased everyone, it was said to receive a positive response from higher-ups at Warner Bros. Discovery. The money made from the match was ultimately put to good use, with all the proceeds going to the Maui Food Bank in support of the Hawaiian island as it continues to deal with ongoing wildfires.

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