WWE Provide Update On Xavier Woods Injury, Say He's 'Week-To-Week'

The New Day's Xavier Woods suffered an injury this past week on "WWE Raw" and will be out of action for a little while. 

Woods sustained the injury during The New Day's match with The Viking Raiders, when Drew McIntyre — who was ringside along with Matt Riddle — threw a chair aiming it at Erik, but it, unfortunately, landed on Woods. WWE released a statement on social media regarding Woods' injury.


"Xavier Woods suffered a cervical strain after getting hit with a chair thrown by Drew McIntyre. He is considered week-to-week and will miss the upcoming Monday Night Raw," said the statement.

Woods announced on social media the day after "Raw" that doctors had advised him against stepping into the ring for next week's "Raw. "Moments before I had a chair hurled into my face giving me whiplash, Doctors orders, no wrestling next week. Was pumped to be out there on my birthday but it looks like I'll be spending it at home next Monday. See yall the week after," said Woods.

It remains to be seen if the injury is kayfabe or if the multi-time tag team champion legitimately suffered an injury. Meanwhile, McIntyre and Riddle will face off against The Viking Raiders on the "Raw" after Payback.