Wise Man Paul Heyman Assesses Current State Of The Bloodline In WWE

The Bloodline has been a driving force in WWE for a few years now, but there are currently lots of questions surrounding the group's future. Jimmy Uso is set to appear on Friday's "WWE SmackDown" to address where he stands, and it seems that "The Wise Man" Paul Heyman doesn't have any intel as to what Jimmy will say.


"I have no idea what Jimmy's going to say," Heyman said during a recent appearance on "The Bump." "I'm as intrigued as you are. What do I want Jimmy to say? I wouldn't ask for Jimmy to humble himself enough to offer an apology to the Tribal Chief or to the Wise Man. We would obviously accept it, but I don't know what Jimmy's gonna say. I just know that Jimmy's gonna be there. So I will be watching along with you and we will all find out on Friday. This is something for which I have no spoilers and I'm not into the business of predictions."

'I will miss the all-inclusive camaraderie of The Bloodline'

Regarding Jey Uso's future after he seemingly walked out of WWE, Heyman recalled his fond memories of when The Bloodline was one unit.

"Jey's the right hand man, and Jey's an extraordinary talent, and he's half of the greatest tag team of all time," Heyman stated. "I will miss The Usos together, and Jey deprived us of that. That's not on the Wise Man. That's not even on Jimmy. That's not on your Tribal Chief. That's on Jey. That was Jey's decision. Jey decided to quit The Bloodline, to quit 'SmackDown,' to quit WWE. They fought. Roman Reigns defeated Jey."


He added, "They fought, they settled their differences, that's it. That's what family does. You got outside, you beat the crap out of each other, you go back inside, everybody's loving each other... Roman Reigns was not raised as a cousin of Jey Uso, he was raised as a brother of Jey Uso... I will miss the all-inclusive camaraderie of The Bloodline that had Roman Reigns, your Tribal Chief, The Wise Man, The Usos, and Solo. And I will move on just fine without him, thank you."

Heyman Says Jimmy Has 'Lots' On The Table

When asked if there's anything left on the table for Jimmy to potentially return to The Bloodline, Heyman noted that he has lots of incentives.

"Of course there is. What? I'm just supposed to give that away? Lots, besides what he was offered, which was vacations, jets, hotel rooms, house, food for the family, a car, a yacht, whatever he wanted at the time. And there's more for Jimmy should he choose to accept inclusion within The Bloodline as a token of his appreciation from The Tribal Chief. Now, how much that would happen now after his public declaration of, 'I'm not interested'? That's something between Jimmy, the Wise Man, and the Tribal Chief."


Heyman concluded, "But there's still lots for Jimmy. His younger brother Solo is still with us, still within The Bloodline, still the enforcer, still the one that will impose our will upon people. If nothing else, there's a love for his younger brother, and that's quite a lure for Jimmy, if for nothing else... If that doesn't lure him back into The Bloodline, I don't know what will."

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