Tony Khan Explains Why AEW All In And All Out Weren't Packaged Together In PPV Bundle

AEW will hold All Out this Sunday from Chicago, just seven days removed from the historic All In at Wembley Stadium. But with two pay-per-views transpiring within a week, many have been wondering why AEW didn't package the two shows into one bundle — so as to provide a more economical option for fans.  


During Thursday's All Out media call, Tony Khan revealed that AEW originally hoped to offer the two PPVs in a package deal but, due to logistical constraints, couldn't. "I really thought that would make a lot of sense," Khan said. "But it was not something that was viable across all the cable carriers; it's not something that has really been tried."

Khan revealed that when he started fantasy booking wrestling shows as a preteen in the 1990s, he envisioned a day when multiple PPVs could be bundled together for one price. But he admitted that the same challenges in pulling it off then still persist now nearly 30 years later. "It's still pretty much impossible to do — to get the cable carriers, satellite providers, and streaming platforms to get a uniform solution. It's a great thought, and literally something I wanted to do when I was a small boy." 


But Khan doesn't expect to shift off this current model of stacking these two shows back-to-back. All In and All Out will similarly be held one week apart in 2024, with the former once again taking place in London. Looking ahead, Khan did hint that next year's All Out could air on a different platform rather than traditional PPV, adding credence to AEW's recent trademark filing for a streaming service. "I hope we can provide an easier solution in the future," he added while hoping for technological improvements to make his dream of a PPV bundle a reality in the future.