NXT Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton Confronts Becky Lynch Backstage At WWE Payback

"NXT" Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton was in the audience at WWE Payback on Saturday night, but she didn't restrict her activities to just cheering. Stratton also confronted Becky Lynch backstage, fresh off the latter's opening match victory over Trish Stratus, and their interaction, while short, seems to be planting seeds for "The Man" potentially returning to the yellow brand.


As Stratton referenced on Payback, the potential storyline between the two seemed to be the result of a mistake by Stratton during one of her recent promos, when she included Lynch in a list of former "NXT" Women's Champions. In fact, Lynch never won the "NXT" women's title, most notably coming up short in a critically acclaimed match with Sasha Banks (now NJPW's Mercedes Mone) at "NXT" Takeover: Unstoppable in 2015; she was called up to the main roster shortly thereafter alongside Banks and Charlotte Flair. Stratton acknowledged the error later in the episode, and Lynch followed up by tweeting "I haven't been 'NXT' Champion ... yet."

Now, the two have officially met for the first time on WWE programming, with Stratton heelishly apologizing for accidentally putting Lynch on the list of former champions. Lynch is also likely in the market for a new feud after presumably ending things with Stratus. While it started as a simple mistake, it's starting to look like Stratton's gaffe might end up with Lynch challenging for — or even, at long last, holding — the "NXT" women's title.