Shinsuke Nakamura Attacks Seth Rollins After WWE Payback Goes Off The Air

Much like Finn Balor before him, Shinsuke Nakamura has unleashed another attack on WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Prior to their championship clash at WWE Payback, Nakamura blindsided Rollins during last week's episode of "WWE Raw," striking Rollins from behind before delivering a vicious kick to his face. Following Nakamura's loss at WWE Payback, Rollins was met with a similar fate once again.


As Payback went off the air, Rollins was in the midst of celebrating his successful title defense over Nakamura, but once the PLE concluded, chaos ensued. In footage posted to WWE's YouTube channel, Rollins can be seen slowly walking up the entrance ramp alongside WWE official Adam Pearce. Unfortunately for Rollins, his walk was interrupted by a blow to the back of his head, courtesy of " the "King Of Strong-Style." When Rollins subsequently fell to the ground, Nakamura continued to onslaught, nailing the World Heavyweight Champion with a series of kicks and stomps until referees positioned themselves as a divide between the two men.

As Rollins started regaining his footing, Nakamura returned, yanked Rollins by his hair, and sent him crashing back first into the LED board set up on the stage. During their title match, Nakamura specifically targeted Rollins' back, which had sustained multiple injuries in recent years. On a recent episode of "Raw," Rollins noted that part of those injuries were attributed to two fractures in his lumbar spine. Despite the ongoing pain, Rollins managed to power through and retain his World Heavyweight Championship at WWE Payback. Nakamura, though, was seemingly unimpressed.