Trish Stratus Thanks Becky Lynch In Bruised Photo After WWE Payback

Despite the lengthy rivalry that she and Becky Lynch have been undergoing, a battered and bruised Trish Stratus took to social media to thank "The Man" following their steel cage match at WWE Payback


The WWE Hall Of Famer gave a glimpse at the wounds she sustained following their entertaining opening match, with Stratus sporting tons of bruises all along her arms, as well as a huge welt in the middle of her forehead. The lump on Stratus' head is something that had begun to grow during the match itself and could be seen throughout the encounter, showcasing just how physical the bout was. 

Lynch herself seemed to share the same sentiment toward Stratus, commenting on the post to say, "Respect." That was also shown by the WWE Universe after the match as they gave Stratus a standing ovation for her efforts. The two went back and forth in a competitive encounter that featured some big bumps from each woman, but despite the interference from Zoey Stark it was Lynch who ended up taking the victory. The match seemingly brought an end to the issues between Stratus and Lynch, but the WWE Hall Of Famer might have a new rival in the form of her ex-protégé. 


Stark attacked Stratus after the match, shutting the cage door to lock them both in. Stratus ended up being hit with a Z-360 as Stark threw her, "Thank you Trish" t-shirt on top of Stratus, bringing an end to the partnership that they have established since Stark's main roster call-up. It now remains to be seen whether Stratus will continue to work with WWE and seek revenge, or if this run has come to an end at Payback.