MJF Warns Samoa Joe He's Not The Same Person From Early NXT Interaction

MJF and Samoa Joe recreated their infamous backstage NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II spot last night at AEW All Out, but the AEW World Champion has warned the veteran that things are no longer the same. 

"I'm not the kid you shoved in Brooklyn, motherf***er," MJF tweeted. "Game on."

Joe famously shoved MJF backstage when he was walking to the ring as "WWE NXT" Champion and MJF was portraying a security guard early on in his career. Since MJF's rise to the top of the industry, that clip has become even more popular, and following his and Adam Cole's successful ROH World Tag Team Championship defense, Joe decided to shove him again. Joe was heading to the ring for his own match against Shane Taylor, but he decided to make a statement on the way.

However, rather than just accepting the situation like MJF did previously, this time he charged back down to the ring and began brawling with the ROH World Television Champion. Joe ultimately got the best of the situation by locking MJF in a front-face guillotine until they were split up by security and AEW officials. Despite that, MJF has made it clear that he is not intimidated by Joe and is more than ready for a potential match with him. 

MJF is next scheduled to defend his AEW World Championship at the "AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam" event, but his opponent will be determined by a tournament. It is currently unknown whether Joe will end up entering that, but the next stages of their long-standing issues are likely to unfold later this week.