Mike Chioda On Windham Rotunda's Impact On WWE, Wrestling Industry With Bray Wyatt

Rarely has wrestling received such two massive blows in a row as it did two weeks ago, when wrestling legend Terry Funk died at the age of 79, followed by the tragic death of WWE star Windham Rotunda (best known as Bray Wyatt) just a day later. The news was especially hard for former referee Mike Chioda, who worked with both Funk and Wyatt during his long run with WWE.


On the latest episode of "Monday Mailbag," Chioda wished the best to Funk and his family before going Wyatt going in-depth on his relationship with Wyatt's family and his significance to the wrestling industry.

"God bless to Bray Wyatt and his family, his brother Bo, and Mike Rotunda," Chioda said. "I've known him [Mike] for 40 years, and I'd just seen him June in Jacksonville at a signing. We talked about his mother being sick, and she's up in her 80s, and then for this to happen to him, with losing Bray a couple of months down the road. I just ... Mike Rotunda, Bray, and Bo, and the family has always been good to me in this business, especially Mike and Bray as well.

"It was great working with Bray and Bo. The things Bray came into the business and accomplished ... it was outstanding. I thought Bray Wyatt was one of the best promo cutters. He could cut a promo in a backstage pre-tape on anything like you wouldn't believe. I used to just sit there and watch the TV in the locker room in certain pre-tapes when he was going over his promos and all that. Great worker [who] had a huge impact in this business. I just ... I feel so awful, man. He was too young at 36 years old. Too young."


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