Why Jake The Snake Roberts Calls WWE Hall Of Famer Bob Backlund A 'F***ing Maniac'

As one of the longest-tenured veterans of the wrestling business still working in some capacity today, AEW's Jake Roberts has run into a lot of interesting characters. That includes one Bob Backlund, although Roberts had another word to describe the former WWE Champion when he was asked for any Backlund stories on "The Snake Pit."


"He's a f*****g maniac," Roberts said. "Are you kidding? That guy is legit psycho. He's just ... that guy is so strong, it's incredible. He's a freak of nature. He'll f*****g lose it man, and start screaming and s**t. He scares the f**k out of me. He does it at signings. He'll grab someone in a f*****g hold and just scream like crazy." Despite the strong words, Roberts made it clear he had massive respect for Backlund and his off-kilter ways. He then proceeded to tell one Backlund story that proved how crazed, and talented, he could be.

"I remember back in the late-70s, he came to Mid South," Roberts said. "They brought a kid from LSU, who was like 6'8, 350 f*****g pounds to challenge a wrestler. And nobody wanted to get in there. Because if you get in there and you lose, your f*****g s**t's over. And Backlund raises his hand and says I'll track you. And everybody's like 'Oh, f**k no man." But he went out there, and all he did was grab the guy in the f*****g headlock. He grabbed that guy in that headlock, and squeezed so f*****g hard, the guy passed out. That was f*****g incredible man. And it didn't take long either."


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