Aubrey Edwards & Will Washington Say All Out Was AEW's Best Show — Surpassing Wembley

During the latest episode of "AEW Unrestricted," co-hosts Will Washington and Aubrey Edwards broke down the company's first back-to-back pay-per-view weekends with AEW All In and AEW All Out. Both of them were in agreement that All Out managed to be one of the company's best shows yet.

"It was one of those things where we gave you so much at All In, but at the same time, we left just enough off the table to make All Out seem worth it," Washington said. "I think going into that show, I even had my feelings of doubt in me. But by the end of it, I went, 'Honestly, that was my favorite All Out.'"

Washington added, "This is 'Unrestricted.' This isn't a place where I'm going to bulls*** you or tell you anything I truly don't believe. I've been at every All Out other than Jacksonville [in 2020]. But having been at every All Out and knowing that 2021 is so revered because of the ending and the place in time and all of that, I still think this was my favorite top to bottom All Out show."

'I think that was cooler than Wembley'

Referee Aubrey Edwards, who had the pleasure of being part of both events across several matches, went on to claim that she thought All Out was "cooler" than All In.

"I would one-hundred percent agree with that," Edwards said. "I think all of us were just so proud of how All Out went. We had a little bit to prove just because there were so many people involved with All Out that weren't at Wembley. I know they wanted to make this a great show. For me personally, being able to do Bryan's match... What he and Ricky were able to accomplish in that match, I literally walked out and said, 'I think that was cooler than Wembley.'"

"Which is hard is hard to kind of comprehend when you look at the sheer numbers and what it means to wrestling," Edwards added. "But there was so much that I think All Out was trying to do, keeping in mind everything that All In was. I honestly believe we achieved that. It was easily one of the best shows we've done this year and one of the best shows we've done in AEW history."

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