Arn Anderson Explains Why 'You Couldn't Look Away' From Terry Funk's Promos

As two legends of the business, Arn Anderson and Terry Funk go way back, having worked together in WCW during the '90s, and even together once for ECW, not to mention Funk's famous feud with Anderson's longtime Four Horsemen comrade, Ric Flair. As such, Anderson got a front-row seat to the greatness of Funk, who died just two weeks ago at the age of 79, and what made him one of the greatest performers in the history of wrestling. On "ARN," Anderson talked about one of the aspects that made Funk great; his promos. Anderson believes that Funk was such a great promo because he broke from the conventional norm.

"It's [Funk's promos], so random," Anderson said. "There is no point A to point F. It goes point A to point G, to X, back to B. The thing about Terry is he's all over the place, and you can't look away." Given there is so much from Funk that could be studied, Anderson was asked what was the main thing younger wrestlers in the business today should be taking away from Funk's career. For the former Four Horseman member, the answer is really simple.

"It goes back to 'Be different,'" Anderson said. "You tell young guys who ask 'You got any advice for me?' No matter whether it's your promo, your look, your working style. In Terry's case, it's probably all of that all rolled into one. 'Just be different. Be completely different from everybody else, and people will remember you.'"

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