Bully Ray And D-Von Explain How And Why Their Upcoming Impact 1000 Reunion Came About

While Bully Ray has been a fixture on Impact Wrestling since October 2022, one person was missing, his longtime tag team partner D-Von. The two will be reunited soon for the 1,000th episode of "Impact," which will be recorded on Saturday.

While in WWE, (where they just signed new WWE Legends contracts), Ray and D-Von were known as The Dudley Boyz, but in Impact, they're known as Team 3D. The last time that Team 3D was together in Impact was in 2014. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, the two spoke about their reunion and how it came together.

"We spent more time in Impact than in ECW or WWE," said Ray. "It's going to be fun to get back for one night. We never thought this would happen with D-Von's health, but he says he feels great. So we're going out there on Saturday, and we're going to give our fanbase what they know, love, and expect from Team 3D."

D-Von spoke about suffering a stroke several years ago and having back surgery. He thought that he was done wrestling, but he says a "great trainer" helped him, and the more he worked in the ring at his wrestling school, the more he felt better. Saturday's match will be his first one since December 2016. 

"Then I got the call from Bubba about doing the thousandth episode of Impact! He asked if I could get into ring shape, and I said, 'Hell yeah.' I've been working so hard to prove I haven't lost a step. I'm ready for another 3D," said D-Von.

The Impact special will be taking place at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York. Awesome Kong and The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) are also set to appear.