Why Tommy Dreamer Says AEW's MJF Couldn't Make It In Old-School WWE

While a lot of MJF's mannerisms and methodical in-ring style have drawn comparisons to wrestlers of yesteryears, ECW legend Tommy Dreamer believes the AEW World Champion would not have thrived in 1980s or 1990s WWE. Dreamer made the assertion on "Busted Open Radio" while reviewing the in-ring confrontation between MJF and Samoa Joe that took place on this week's "AEW Dynamite."


Dreamer specifically cited MJF's penchant for evoking real-life tragedies in many of his promos, arguing that a wrestler showing vulnerability on television would not have boded well in the bygone era. "MJF — I don't think he could have handled being in the WWE now," Dreamer said. "He talks about the issues that he has, mentally ... that, back then, would have eaten him up. It's the perfect storm for him where he's at [in AEW]. But again, MJF is a total [example of] not where the rules apply, but to get to where they went, yes. If the end result is heat, there's ways to go about it — if you wanna have that nice little dip, awesome. You did it, you accomplished it, but you don't need it that way, because, later on when you're trying to get over the nut shot ... [it may backfire]."


Dreamer credited MJF for "getting over" maneuvers like the Kangaroo Kick, a double clothesline, a nut shot, a knockout punch with the Dynamite Diamond Ring, and a side headlock, but reiterated that the arsenal of moves works for the 27-year-old wrestler only because conventional rules don't apply to him. "He's one of those guys who is against the rules, but when you do that, it's easier for you [to thrive in a place like AEW]," Dreamer said of MJF.