AEW's MJF Details What Sets Him Apart From Everyone Else In Pro Wrestling

Only eight years into his career, AEW's MJF has already accomplished more than some wrestlers ever do. He is nine months into his first reign as AEW World Champion, and has defeated the likes of Chris Jericho, CM Punk, and Bryan Danielson over his four-year run in AEW. And in just three days, MJF will not only work twice during All In, in front of 80,000+ fans in Wembley Stadium, but will headline the event, defending the AEW World Title against his best pal, Adam Cole. With a resume like that, it's not hard to see why MJF, as he revealed to Sports Illustrated, feels he's a cut above everyone else in the pro wrestling landscape, both past and present.


"When you go back in the annals of pro wrestling, if you think about the guys in their 20s, you knew certain guys were going to be great," MJF said. "They weren't fully ready, and you know who I'm talking about, but we went with it because we saw the potential. There is no one in the history of this sport that, at 27, has been this good."

"I'm the best in the squared circle and I'm the best on the microphone. Name someone else in this sport, anybody else. I grab your f—— attention more than they do. I'm proud of that, especially because no doors were open for me. They were locked with cement bricks in front of them, and I had to run through them. That's the difference between me and everybody else in this sport today."