Cody Rhodes Reflects On WWE Run So Far, Wrestling Hurt At Hell In A Cell 2022

Upon returning to WWE in 2022, Cody Rhodes dedicated himself to "finishing the story" and ensuring that a Rhodes family member finally grasped the WWE Championship. While Rhodes is still on his quest to fulfill that dream, he has succeeded in achieving another goal, which was positioning himself as a top star in WWE. While "The Dale Jr. Download," Rhodes weighed in with his thoughts on his second run in WWE so far.


"There's a ton of talent right now. The business is legit booming, but I feel this run has exceeded my expectations in every way, just because I'm experiencing things that only my heroes ever got to experience," Rhodes said. "I'm in on the high-level discussions. I'm hearing things that I always wanted to be. Again, I wanted to be the starting quarterback. That's what I wanted to be, and being in a position where you're real close to that, whereas I say Roman is the starting quarterback, he really is. But where you're right there and you're able to offer something so unique and so different. The run has really exceeded my expectations, so much so that I have the thought if it ends tomorrow, thank gosh I had it. Unbelievable."


As he continues to boast impressive performances in audience participation and merchandise sales, Rhodes has undoubtedly established himself as one of the company's marquee stars. Ultimately, Rhodes is still looking to clutch the illustrious WWE Championship. In the event that pursuit is shortened for some reason, Rhodes asserts that he is forever grateful for the opportunity to return to WWE. "I tell [the fans] every night, 'I love you guys. Thank you.' I have just a different outlook and different perspective. I'm of the thought it will end tomorrow always, and it's slightly getting bigger and bigger," Rhodes said.

Hell In A Cell 2022

During Rhodes' initial return in 2022, he was lined up for a two-month feud with former WWE Champion Seth Rollins. This saga later culminated at the Hell in a Cell event. Prior to their final meeting, WWE revealed that Rhodes had sustained a torn pectoral muscle. Despite his pec being completely ripped off the bone, Rhodes proceeded to battle Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. Continuing with the interview, Rhodes described the weird sensation of wrestling with an injury like that.


"It's one of the strangest audience reactions I've ever had," Rhodes said. "I didn't know, would they think this is cool? Really what it came across was, we don't know how to feel about this. Talking about myself, he seems like he's very injured, half of my body at that point. It was a complete tear, thing was ripped to shreds. And that bruise just kept getting bigger and bigger and it was running down. I thought I might have some other problems in my bicep and stuff because it was just getting bigger and bigger. I cramped up too, so it's ripped off from here, but it's still hanging up here, and all of a sudden it shot up real high. It looked like I had a giant chest."

In the wake of his injury, Rhodes also noted that a large number of fans approached him to autograph photos showcasing his graphic injury reveal. In fact, Rhodes believes that image may be the piece of merchandise that he's signed the most.


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