WWE Star Zoey Stark Says Her 'Heart Stopped' Hearing She'd Be Working With Trish Stratus

Zoey Stark's association with Trish Stratus might have come to an abrupt end at WWE Payback when she nailed her mentor with the Z-360, but getting the opportunity to work alongside the WWE Hall Of Famer wasn't lost on her. Stark's initial main roster push came alongside Stratus, and she recalled to Sports Illustrated the way she felt when finding out about that partnership.

"I still remember finding out I'd be working with her," she said. "I'd just worked out with my husband, and we were going to Whole Foods — and that's when I got the call. My heart stopped when I found out I'd work with Trish. It's the opportunity I had been working for. My husband was next to me, and he threw his hands in the air. We were extremely happy."

Prior to their connection, which began at WWE's Night Of Champions, Stark had only just been called up to the main roster as part of the draft. She went on to play a key role in the rivalry between Stratus and Becky Lynch, getting a lot of television time and in-ring opportunities. 

Stark also put over Stratus as a genuinely nice person who wants to help, which is certainly something she was able to achieve. While only Stark herself will know the lessons that Stratus taught her behind the scenes, from an on-camera perspective the partnership instantly took Stark to another level due to the star power Stratus commands.

It now remains to be seen what is next for Stark. After taking Stratus out at WWE Payback, a match between the two could be possible, but it is currently unclear whether or not Stratus will be back in action. Instead, WWE teased a potential friendship between Stark and Shayna Baszler after they showcased respect for each other following a competitive singles match between them.