Universal Studio Group Suspends Deal With The Rock's Production Company, Seven Bucks

Universal Studio Group has suspended its ongoing deal with Seven Bucks Productions, The Rock's production company, due to the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike.

"The Hollywood Reporter" has disclosed details about Universal Studio Group suspending deals with Seven Bucks and "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels' Broadway Video studio. The report states that Universal Studio Group discussed with production companies about them offering non-writing services. 


"Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Universal Studio Group — which includes Universal Television, Universal Content Productions and Universal Pictures, among other divisions — reached out to its remaining writing and producing partners Monday to see if they were comfortable with contributing non-writing services," said the report. "Those who still have active scripted or unscripted projects who agreed to continue to work are not being impacted."

The report further added that companies that had either finished their production work or were unwilling to provide services beyond writing were subjected to suspension. The writers initiated their strike in May because they felt inadequately compensated for streaming residuals, and are also insisting that production companies refrain from employing AI to assist in the writing process.


Seven Bucks Productions, founded just over a decade ago by The Rock and Dany Garcia, has produced several movies and TV shows, including a few pro wrestling-related projects like "Young Rock" — which was canceled earlier this year — and "Tales from the Territories."