Update On Vince McMahon In WWE, Reported Changes To Last Night's Raw

Today beings a new era in professional wrestling, with WWE and UFC officially merging, but Vince McMahon embarked on his final night in complete control of his company by returning to business and making multiple changes to "WWE Raw," according to Dave Meltzer on "Wrestling Observer Radio." McMahon has not been involved in creative decisions for WWE as of late due to recovering from back surgery. However, he did make alterations last night, which is why things were not advertised ahead of time as the company was changing plans. He wasn't the only one making late changes though, as Triple H also made some.


Meltzer heard that the tweaks McMahon made were probably for the better, but there were many of them and they were significant. Despite him being involved in what was happening with the show from a creative standpoint, McMahon was not in attendance physically. He was involved in the production remotely, and it remains to be seen if that will be the case moving forward. However, McMahon is reportedly going to be 'the guy' once again. Despite all the changes behind the scenes regarding WWE's ownership, the wrestling side is going to be seen as McMahon's baby, and creative choices and decisions about the company, in general, will be up to him once again.

This report falls in line with what Fightful Select claimed last night, as several tweaks were made, such as Jey Uso opening the show instead of Cody Rhodes, and several "WWE Main Event" matches being pulled or moved. However, it is currently unclear if these are the alterations that Meltzer is discussing, or if they were done separately.