Video: See New NXT Women's Champ Becky Lynch's Victory Speech To WWE Fans

Becky Lynch had another career highlight this week, as she returned to "WWE NXT" to defeat Tiffany Stratton and become the "NXT" Women's Champion in the process. Lynch won the only women's title she has never held in WWE, becoming a Grand Slam Champion as she continues to etch her name into the history books. While fans at home got to enjoy that moment, "The Man" shared her thoughts about winning the title with the fans in attendance, which has been shared on WWE's Twitter.

"The Man and the new "NXT" Women's Champion has come around to "NXT." Guys, I just want to say thank you so much, thank you so much for all of your support over the years its meant the world," she said. "When I came here ain't nobody thought I had a shot at anything, and because of you people, because of constantly supporting me, willing me on, believing in me, this has all become possible. We deserve it, we deserve it!"

Whenever a main roster talent heads to "NXT" there are always question marks about how long they will end up being around and what their intentions will be long-term. Some talents have appeared for one-offs while others have been more consistent, but Lynch appeared to answer that question. It appears she will be going for the Dominik Mysterio approach of wanting to appear on "NXT" regularly while she holds the title. "What I want to do more than anything, I don't just want to take this and go home and go to "Raw," I want to be here with you, I want to represent this brand, I want to be a fighting champion for all of you," Lynch said. "So, thank you, I appreciate you, I love you, get home safe, you've been amazing."

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