WWE's Chad Gable On Feeling That His Time As A Singles Wrestler Has Finally Arrived

Much of Chad Gable's WWE story has played out in the tag team division, but in recent weeks, Gable has had the spotlight all to himself. During this time, Gable has faced all three members of Imperium, which included two shots at the Intercontinental Championship that is currently held by GUNTHER. In Gable's second title match against GUNTHER, both performers garnered applause from several pundits and a standing ovation from the WWE locker room.


Speaking on WWE's "After The Bell" podcast, Gable opened up about his hopes to rack up more singles work in WWE. 

"I truly feel at this point that I'm ready for this, as a singles guy. I'm done with just being labeled the tag team guy," Gable said. "There's something in me that has clicked now. I'm ready, and I'm confidently telling you that. So here we are now for a singles title, and I'm going into this match remembering I put this on myself. I'm the one that gave them my word that said, 'I'm ready, so you better fricking deliver, and if you don't, they have no reason to believe you in the future. They have no reason to read your pitches anymore. They have no reason to say, Oh, he's got some good ideas, let's give him a chance. That's on you.' So going into it, one of my biggest motivating factors was that and coming out of it was full gratification."


Despite his recent loss to GUNTHER, Gable asserted that he would earn himself a championship rematch and issue a defeat to "The Ring General," who has firmly gripped the Intercontinental Championship for over 460 days. In the meantime, Gable is eager to continue building the singles competition aspect of his wrestling resume.

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