WWE Explains Absence Of Rhea Ripley, Others From Monday Night's Raw

WWE Women's World Champion Rhea Ripley was absent from this week's "WWE Raw," and the reason for her absence was announced by commentator Michael Cole. 

Cole stated that following Nia Jax's vicious attack on Ripley on last week's show, the champion sustained bruised ribs, which kept her out of this week's show. Ripley's opponent last week, Raquel Rodriguez, was also attacked by the returning Jax, and she has reportedly suffered whiplash. 

Jax was at it again on this week's show as she attacked Piper Niven, Zoey Stark, Shayna Baszler, and Chelsea Green, the four of whom were involved in a tag team match.

Another star who was absent from this week's "Raw" was The Viking Raiders' Erik, who is not cleared to wrestle, which was announced by Adam Pearce ahead of the show. The New Day's Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were to face The Viking Raiders in a 2-out-3 falls match on this week's "Raw," which was canceled due to Erik's injury.

Kofi then asked Pearce if Ivar was fit to wrestle, and suggested that The Viking Raider face both him and Woods. Pearce announced that it would only be a one-on-one match, following which Woods and Kofi played rock, paper, and scissors to determine who would face Ivar later that night. Kofi won that competition against Woods and went on to face Ivar on the show.

On "Raw," Kofi got the win over Ivar after landing Trouble in Paradise, in what was a quick and exciting match. The match, though, may not have put an end to the feud between the two teams, which has been hotting up over the last few weeks.