Kofi Kingston Praised For Raw Performance By 'Clearly Biased' Fellow WWE Star

Former WWE Champion Big E has been out of action since suffering a broken neck in March 2022, but that hasn't stopped the performer from supporting his friends in The New Day. Following last night's match between Kofi Kingston and Ivar of the Viking Raiders, Big E shared his support for Kingston in a post on X.

"I'm clearly biased but I'm thankful we still get to watch [Kofi Kingston] deliver incredible performances this deep into his career," Big E wrote. "Grateful for you, legend, while we still have you in the ring."

Big E, Kingston, and Xavier Woods formed The New Day together in 2014, starting off as a trio of villains before soon settling into the roles they've occupied since. Over the course of their time as The New Day, both Big E and Kingston have won the WWE Championship, while Woods was able to be crowned King of the Ring back in 2021. Cumulatively, members of The New Day have had 12 tag team title reigns within WWE on top of their singles accomplishments.

Since his injury, Big E has admitted that while he remains hopeful, there is no current timetable for his return, and it's possible he may even have to retire for his own health and safety. Big E's recent post also points out that Kingston won't be wrestling forever, with the veteran having turned 42 last month.

Kingston has been with WWE since 2006 and was called up to the main roster the following year. Prior to joining The New Day, Kingston captured both the WWE Intercontinental and WWE United States titles, as well as becoming a World Tag Team Champion alongside CM Punk. Kingston officially became a Grand Slam Champion when he won the WWE Championship from Daniel Bryan at WWE WrestleMania 35.