Blue Meanie Discusses Kerry Von Erich Losing A Foot & Working With Prosthetic Boot

The Von Erich family is legendary in professional wrestling for a number of reasons, and that unfortunately includes the supposed "curse" that followed the Von Erichs for many years. Kerry Von Erich, an illustrious champion across the NWA's territories, is one of the most tragic elements of the family's history. Von Erich was in a motorcycle accident in 1986, and his right foot had to be amputated as a result. As one of many performers who looked up to Von Erich, former ECW and WWE star Brian "The Blue Meanie" Heffron discussed Von Erich's post-motorcycle accident career on a recent episode of AdFreeShows' "Making The Town."

"I was a huge fan of Kerry Von Erich's work, and after his motorcycle accident, I wasn't aware that he had lost his foot," Heffron said. "Apparently he wore the boot all the time."

Heffron then revealed that Von Erich's boot was designed specifically for him, and stated that he found it remarkable that Von Erich was able to return to the ring using the prosthetic, with most fans unable to notice.

"It's inspiring, in a way, given all his demons and things that would happen later on," Heffron continued. "A lot of people could use that as inspiration — that he faced adversity, you know? He lost his foot in a motorcycle accident and he didn't let it define him."

After struggling with addiction and finding himself in possibly serious legal trouble, Von Erich would sadly end his own life in February 1993. Kerry was the fifth of his brothers to die, leaving Kevin Von Erich as the last surviving son of Fritz Von Erich. The family will be the focus of an upcoming A24-produced biopic titled "The Iron Claw," starring Zac Efron as Kevin, Jeremy Allen White as Kerry, Holt McCallany as Fritz, and more.