Four Luchadores Suspended After Brawl Endangers Fans

It's not uncommon for a wrestling show to feature wrestlers brawling into the crowd and getting up close and personal with the fans. What is rare, however, is when a crowd brawl turns potentially violent enough to put fans in danger. That allegedly happened in Tijuana, Baja, California recently, and has put four luchadors in hot water. In a memo published nine days ago, though it would not leak onto social media till days later, the Tijuana Wrestling Commission suspended luchadors DMT Azul, Fishman Jr., Hereje, and Halloween Jr. six months, following their actions on a September 10 show. The four were said to have fought into the crowd, with Fishman grabbing a glass bottle, prompting the commission figures in attendance to stop the match, in fear for the fans' safety. The match unofficially continued outside of the arena, in an attempt to circumvent the commission's rulings.

While it is believed no fans were injured in the incident, it has now become the second time DMT Azul has been involved in such a situation, after he had a wild brawl with AAA luchador Forasero at Arena Lopes Mateo in Mexico City. Unlike the Tijuana incident, that brawl would see a fan get involved, with Azul ultimately attacking him. As of now, Azul and company have only been suspended in Tijuana from that incident, and he and the other three luchadors can work in other states in Mexico.

Of the four, Azul is the most well-known, having wrestled for CMLL from 2008 to 2021, and AAA from 2021 to April 2023. While little is known about Hereje, Fishman Jr. and Halloween Jr. are both second-generation luchadors, the son of lucha legends Fishman and Halloween, the latter best remembered for his run in WCW as Ciclope.