Spoilers: Feud Involving Stars With Real-Life Heat Kicks Off On AEW Rampage Grand Slam

It appears that AEW is using a real-life feud between two of their wrestlers for a storyline. As per "Fightful Select," Santana and Ortiz began a feud during Wednesday night's "AEW Rampage: Grand Slam" tapings at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York.

The former tag team began to drift apart from each other before Santana suffered a torn ACL in the Blood & Guts Match on the June 29, 2022, episode of "Dynamite." They agreed to team together for the All In pay-per-view, though, it reportedly took a while for Santana to be talked into even doing the match. It's worth noting that during the Stadium Stampede match at Wembley Stadium, the two were rarely seen together on-screen.

Ortiz isn't the only one who reportedly has problems with Santana either as Eddie Kingston is rumored to not be on good terms with him. Sources within AEW told "Fightful" that while Kingston was open to working with him for All In, he remained vocal regarding his concerns about Santana.

In light of the recent social media controversy that has left some questioning the dynamics between Ortiz and Santana, it has been reported that those posts were actually part of their on-screen feud. 

One of the rumored reasons behind the heat between the two former tag team partners was how they reacted to not getting enough TV time. Santana wasn't happy with his booking before his injury, while on the other hand, Ortiz didn't care that much because he was still getting steady paychecks.