New Details On Santana’s Injury From AEW Blood & Guts

As noted, the Blood and Guts match on the June 29th AEW "Dynamite" resulted in at least one legitimate injury, that being Santana's knee. As he went for a uranage slam, Santana appeared to tweak his knee and would immediately be taken away for medical attention. More details were hard to come by until Chris Jericho appeared on a podcast and gave some insight into how bad it actually was.

"He f*cked up his knee from doing a simple Rock Bottom," Jericho said. "That's not on top of a cage, that's not falling off a cage, that's not getting hit with a barbed wire bat, or whatever. It's doing a wrestling move, and he's out eight months."

According to a new report from "Fightful", Santana's ACL, the ligament in the center of his knee preventing the shin bone from rubbing against the thigh bone, has been injured. The AEW star has directly told several people this, and he went to an event in Puerto Rico this weekend and relinquished his Championship at a home promotion while supporting himself with crutches. The report adds that Santana has said he has not actually had surgery yet, but we will keep you updated on when that does occur.

With creative plans, there are reportedly no moves to stop using Santana's partner, Ortiz, on weekly programming. It was previously reported that Santana and Ortiz haven't been on great terms as of late, which is the reason Santana had started drifting more toward singles competition in the past few months. To echo what Jericho said, sources close to the situation believe Santana will be out for 8 – 12 months.

Despite the disadvantage at Blood & Guts, Santana's team emerged victorious after Claudio Castagnoli tapped out Matt Menard with the Sharpshooter on the top of the cage. This marked Santana's first win in the structure after losing the previous year to the Pinnacle as a part of the Inner Circle.