Chelsea Green Explains Why Winning WWE Women's Tag Titles Was A 'Full Circle Moment'

Chelsea Green's journey to WWE has had many different stops and starts. From a flash in the pan as Daniel Bryan's physical therapist and competing on Tough Enough, to sporadic usage in NXT and a broken wrist in her debut TV match, a main roster debut and yet another broken wrist, a release, a return, and now, a run as Women's Tag Team Champion, she's been nothing if not persistent. But even this current run has seen some misfortune.


Appearing on "Bleav In Pro Wrestling," Green reflected on capturing gold alongside Sonya Deville and now having to persevere through a major injury to her partner.

"We have such a long history together, coming up through Tough Enough and I've supported her along the way," Green said. "For her to finally win her first championship in eight years, for me to come back and after all these years of putting in work on the independent scene and in other companies, I was able to do this, to win this with her, alongside her, it was such a full circle moment"

But naturally, it couldn't just be smooth sailing from there for Green, and certainly not for Deville, who suffered a torn ACL in a match against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair on "Smackdown" in July. While disappointment from that setback is clear, Green paints a picture of future triumphs once Deville is able to return.


"I am counting down the months until Sonya can come back and show the world how strong she is," she explained. "We have seen her be strong in so many different areas of wrestling and outside of wrestling, we've seen her go through a lot. We've never seen her face an injury and come back and I really think she's gonna come back even better."

What's Next for the Current Titleholders?

In Deville's absence, it wasn't a certainty that Green would even continue to hold the belt with it appearing at one point that Adam Pearce was on the verge of stripping Green and putting the belts up for grabs in a tournament. But then Piper Niven assumed the role of Green's partner and, just like that, fellow Tag Team Champion.


Host Rick Ucchino proposed plenty of tag teams, namely Kayden Carter and Katana Chance, Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre, Candace LeRae and Indi Hartwell, and others as possible opponents for the champions in the near future. While Green made it clear that they were willing to defend the titles on Raw as well as travel to Smackdown and to NXT, she also clearly didn't think it really mattered who those next opponents are.

"We've seen time and time again, us take on Katana and the other one, Kayden and Katana? They've had their time," Green stated. "Let's move on to the witchy girls. Let's move on to the purple hair little girl and Indi, impressive Indi. Let's move on to the NXT girls. We've got a team I've got my eyes on there."


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