Kurt Angle Says This TNA Commentary Team Was As Good As J.R. And Jerry Lawler

Since Don West died this past December at only 59 years old, after a long battle with brain cancer, many associated with Impact Wrestling have done all they could to preserve West's legacy as one of the iconic voices of the promotion, along with West's long-time commentary partner Mike Tenay. As part of that, the promotion is ready to grant Tenay and West the highest honor, inducting the duo into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame as part of Bound for Glory weekend this October.


On "The Kurt Angle Show,"  Angle spoke about the commentary duo, who called many of his matches during his ten-year stint with the promotion. Not only is Angle a big proponent of West and Tenay getting the honor, but he also believes they compare favorably to another iconic commentary duo. "It's awesome," Angle said. "They were the voices of TNA for so many years. I absolutely loved those guys. I thought ... they were just as good ... as JR and Jerry "The King" [Lawler]. They were just as effective. I thought they were great, they were awesome."

Tenay and West were part of the inaugural commentary team for Impact/TNA, alongside Ed Ferrara, when the promotion first opened its doors in 2002. While Ferrara would depart TNA soon after, West and Tenay would continue on as the main commentary duo for Impact until August 2009, when West was replaced by Taz.  West would continue to work in TNA's merchandise department until 2012, while Tenay would continue in his role until January 2015, when he was replaced by Josh Matthews; he would quietly depart Impact in 2016. West would rejoin Impact's merchandise department in 2017, and made a one-time return as a commentator at Slammiversary XV.


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