Backstage Update On Serena Deeb's Absence From AEW TV

Upon her arrival in AEW back in the late summer of 2020, Serena Deeb was a constant presence in the AEW women's division, finding herself in both the AEW and ROH Women's Championship pictures even as she was holding the NWA Women's title. But Deeb has been absent from AEW TV, and the wrestling ring altogether, since October 2022, and now two conflicting stories are emerging as to why.


Fightful Select reported on both versions of Deeb's absence, with the first suggesting Deeb had missed time due to injury. The claim is said to have been made by Deeb herself, with the AEW star further claiming that she was still attempting to get cleared. The nature of Deeb's injury wasn't disclosed; she had previously missed time in 2021 after suffering an injury to her left knee.

Others in AEW, however, claim Deeb's absence isn't due to an injury, but because of a serious disagreement between her and management that occurred late in 2022. In this scenario, Deeb was said to be vocal about both the amount she was featured on AEW TV and her match times, with Deeb apparently going as far to claim that AEW management, including AEW owner Tony Khan, was cutting time from her matches without informing her. 


Some believe Deeb had entered "an area of disrespect" with her claims towards AEW management, and it was said that AEW would later show Deeb information proving her time wasn't being cut "based on what was originally budgeted" by the promotion. While those close to Deeb didn't deny the story, they also claimed she hadn't relayed anything of that nature to them.