Why Booker T Isn't Surprised By Matt Riddle's WWE Release

Booker T thinks that Matt Riddle's WWE release was only a matter of time.

"You don't want people in the news for negative reasons," Booker said on the "Hall of Fame" podcast, noting Riddle's recent altercation with a police officer at JFK International Airport. "It's the last thing you want, the last thing you need is having one in the news for negative purposes."

Booker and his co-host remembered Riddle's social media spat with WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, noting that Riddle was punching above his weight by trying to call out a bonafide main event star like Goldberg. Booker says that Riddle was mistakenly bringing an MMA mindset to professional wrestling by criticizing the box office attraction for his lack of wrestling skills.

"It's entertainment. Sometimes the best wrestlers aren't making the most money," Booker said, comparing Roman Reigns and Kenny Omega. Booker says that Reigns makes more money than Omega, but Omega is better regarded for his wrestling skills. Booker holds no animosity but is disappointed in how little Riddle made of his plentiful opportunities.

"There's so many guys out there that wish they could have that spotlight and that position and that push to work alongside Randy Orton," Booker lamented. "Matt Riddle can put himself almost in the same respect as Goldberg, being a guy who got an opportunity because of who he was, where he came from."

Booker says he's not surprised by the release, saying Riddle put himself in the position to be released multiple times, and the company's hand was all but forced. According to the former WCW World Champion, Riddle's reputation is going to be an albatross around his neck if he hopes to work for All Elite Wrestling.

"He left the UFC for certain reasons, and then he came to WWE and was let right in the door and accepted," Booker said. "I don't know, he just put himself in a bad light."