Jade Cargill On The WWE Women She Wants To Face, Calls One A WrestleMania Main Event

Jade Cargill was revealed to be the first WWE signing under the TKO era of the company, bringing in another big name from AEW in the process. While it is unclear whether she will be heading to the main roster or "WWE NXT" first, there are a lot of dream matches for her in the eyes of fans. However, rather than singling out just one, the former TBS Champion told "ESPN" that she thinks everyone is a dream match.

"These women are the top women's wrestlers in the world, that's why I came here, iron sharpens iron," she said. "I think everybody is a dream match because you've never seen me with these women ever before so everybody is going to be invested. My first opponent can be a dream match because people have never seen me, so they're going to come in and tune in and want to see it. I'm just here to create magic moments."

Bayley was quick to welcome Cargill to WWE on social media, which got people talking about the possibility of them squaring off. However, one name in particular that a lot of people are hoping to see Cargill mix it up against is Bianca Belair, with the two women having similar physical attributes and strengths, and Cargill made it clear she is looking forward to facing her as well.  "It's definitely a WrestleMania main event," she said. "That's something that will have people glued to television screens, that's something that will have people buying out stadiums, that's a dream match and I think people will show up and show out for that one."

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