Becky Lynch Compares Her 'Shameful' NXT Debut To Classic WWE Cringe Moment

Becky Lynch's stock has certain risen over the years — after a less-than-ideal start in WWE. Lynch's debut in "NXT" in 2014 was a stark contrast to her later persona as "The Man," with Lynch introducing herself to the WWE audience by dancing an Irish jig.


In an appearance on the "Insight" podcast, Lynch talked about making that first impression in "NXT," a moment she's not exactly fond of. In fact, Lynch considers it "shameful," comparing it to another horrible debuts — and one of the most infamous moments in wrestling history.

"Look, if that is not proof that you can dig yourself out of any hole, then I don't know what is," Lynch said of the moment. "Because that is — I would put that over Shockmaster in terms of shameful debuts. Like, he just fell over, you know ... Okay, fine, that sucks ... I think the difference is he didn't intend to fall over," she added. "I intended to go out there and do an Irish jig like that — and thought that I was worthy of being on WWE television. That happened."


If nothing else, Lynch can now have a laugh about the moment as she gets ready for another major title match this Saturday at No Mercy – a far departure from those early days in "NXT." There, Lynch will put her "NXT" Women's Championship on the line in a rematch against Tiffany Stratton.

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