MJF Defeats The Righteous In Handicap ROH Tag Title Match At AEW WrestleDream

MJF stood alone in victory on Sunday.

At AEW WrestleDream, AEW World Champion and ROH World Tag Team Champion MJF defended his ROH Tag Title against The Righteous in a handicap match. MJF took advantage of Vincent and Dutch's underhanded tactics throughout the match and even employed some underhanded tactics of his own to put away the cultish duo and retain his and Adam Cole's ROH World Tag Team Championship.

Even with the victory, MJF faces an uphill battle. Cole is currently injured with a broken ankle and nearly relinquished the tag titles before MJF declared that he would defend them on his own. Unless MJF finds a replacement partner, he's stuck defending the tag gold in handicap matches, at the same time that he's the reigning and defending AEW World Champion. Cole suffered the injury at AEW Grand Slam in Queens, New York, where he suffered the injury during a hurried jump from the ramp on his way to cheer on his friend and tag partner MJF in the AEW Champion's title defense against Samoa Joe.