AEW's Adam Copeland Details 'Creative Walls' & Another WWE Conundrum

Upon his return to WWE in 2020, Adam "Edge" Copeland was performing under a part-time contract, which allowed him to wrestle a handful of times per year. Last month, Copeland's deal with WWE expired, opening the window for him to debut for AEW, and reunite with his long-time friend Christian Cage

He recently revealed that he felt the two sides had "outgrown" each other which prompted him to explore other options. In a recent interview with "CBS Sports," Copeland further detailed some of the creative dilemmas that developed during his latest stint in WWE. 

"I kind of got the sense there wasn't really a plan [for me in WWE]. I get it because what else do we do? What else is there to do? And after 25 years I've literally done everything there," said the Hall of Famer. "So what do we do? It wasn't anybody's fault. I was coming up against creative walls too. I was having a hard time coming up with ideas and that's not usually the case. I think they were too," Copeland said.

He also disclosed that he wanted to wrestle more than the specified 10 matches per year in his WWE contract.

"There was also the conundrum that I was contracted for 10 matches a year. I offered to do more, but to their point, it wouldn't feel quite as special, which I understood too ... It just felt like neither one of us really had any ideas and that's never been the case before. So when you look at that and then I look at my best friend over there having the time of his life, at a certain point, once I thought, 'You know what, I still have a window here where I can do this and I don't feel like I'm maximizing that.' I think that was really what it boiled down to."

AEW President Tony Khan confirmed that "The Rated R Superstar" will wrestle for his company in a full-time capacity, beginning on next week's episode of "AEW Dynamite," where Copeland will take on Luchasaurus.